The STEPPPA Coaching Model. What Exactly Does It Mean?

STEPPA stands for:

  • Subject
  • Target Identification
  • Emotion
  • Perception and Choice
  • Plan
  • Pace
  • Adapt or Act

We'll go over the individual steps in a minute, but first so you can better understand what this model is all about we need to go over something.

The underlying principle behind this model is working with your emotions.

According to this model, behaviors are driven by emotion which means that action is motivated by the emotional commitment that people have to achieve a goal.

Keeping this in mind, we can go over each of the building blocks of this model:


What do you want to talk about? That's the subject of a coaching process; as you can probably realize, this is tied with having a clear understanding of your goals. Remember that you're the best person to know what it is that you want to achieve, a coach is there to help you gain clarity around that, so that you can increase the effectiveness of getting to your goal.

Target Identification

It's pretty hard to hit a target that you can't see isn't it? What tends to happen very often is that we don't know exactly what we want and not knowing, we don't know where to start. Not only must you select a target, you also have to keep it in sight in order to hit it; if I asked you to stand in the middle of a room and select a target and then close your eyes, spin a few times and then try to hit your selected target, how many times do you think you'd be successful at it? Go ahead try this exercise, then let me know what you found...


As mentioned above, emotions actually drive our behaviors that's why it's important for you to have a deep knowledge of how your emotions could be affecting your motivation towards achieving a goal. Is the goal worth it? If you can't answer that question, then spend some time searching for those that do or in learning ways to overcome your aversions (if it's really worth it).

Perception and Choice

We still haven't found out a way of getting into people's minds and fully understand what their perception of reality is, this is unique to every single one of us. What we can do, is try to understand what our particular perception is to try and broaden our horizon. By consciously engaging in asking ourselves what something “means” to us, we can choose the route we want to take towards achieving a goal. Insight comes from this process of developing more and more ways of understanding ourselves.


Every plan is actually a process, life is full of twist and turns so having something etched in stone is probably not in your best interest. You constantly have to revise, look at and course correct. While the shortest way to two points is a straight line, we all know that life is complicated and we should remain flexible enough to change course if needed.


Pay attention next time you're driving on the highway, if you notice you'll see distance markers every so often, these are meant to give an idea of how far you've gone. When you establish goals, you need to know and have a system to measure your progress. By when will you achieve this goal?

Adapt or Act

Every coaching model is intended to move you into action, that is your commitment to yourself. It takes time, nobody is saying that you're going to change today or tomorrow but sooner or later you'll realize that by taking that first step and then another, and another, and another (you get the picture), you'll eventually reach your destination.

There you have it, now you can integrate the STEPPPA coaching model to your own and help your clients achieve more.

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