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Coaching Definition : This is the one question that every coach gets asked at some point. What is it exactly that you do? And, although you may not know it, your answer matters. But not in the way you may be thinking because you can get a client just as fast as you can lose one from your answer.

Do I Need Life Coaching Certification?  Well, do you? It depends. What is your purpose on getting certified, is a much better question. But do you really need one? The answer may surprise you.

Why Life Coaching? Can you really say that there's someone that coaches you on how to live your life? Well, no. Not exactly. But there is a process called life coaching. And it's definitely helping change people's lives.

The Importance Of Coaching Models Do you know what a coaching model is used for? Don't be surprised that it may become the most important tool for your coaching.

Working as a Life Coach: Have you ever wondered what a coach does? Well here's a nutshell approach that can help you get to know what to do if you're interesting in becoming a life coach.

Coaching Skills- Commitment Trying: Help your clients see the difference between commitment vs. trying and how their underlying commitments can be sabotaging their efforts of changing. 

A Surefire Strategy For Using Coaching Quotes To Solve Problems When You're Stumped For Solutions : Imagine having your own council of great geniuses and advisers. There would be practically no problem too big, complex or difficult for you and your council, would there? Well, this tactic is just as good.

The Importance of Self Knowledge : Know Thyself. This is the maxim that a lot of great thinkers, philosophers and minds have striven for. Would it surprise you that it also may be the first step in becoming a great coach? It is. Here's why.

How To Listen Powerfully : Most people have two ears and one mouth. It's surprising how much we forgo the one for the other(s).  Listening is a learned skill. Not an easy one it seems. But it is learn able. But you're going to have to challenge yourself to listen for a change.

11 Core Competencies You Should Master When You Become a Coach : You won't really find a Worldwide governing body of coaching out there. There is no Coaching League of Justice alas. But here are 11 core competencies that the industry has put out there. Just so you know them.

How To Harness The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind : Your subconscious mind. Realize now that it's your most powerful ally. It drives most of your behaviors. It's where learning occurs. And it's where massive personal change can occur. If you learn how to harness it's power.

Building Your Confidence As A Coach : Jump in. The water's fine. Apprehensive? There's never a better time to sharpen your coaching skills and there really isn't a better way. No matter how much you learn in books, schools, or online. 

6 Useful Coaching Tips: Want a few tips? Here are 6: Communication, Happiness, Motivation and Ability, Magic, Perspective, Underlying Beliefs

Are You Practicing Ethical Coaching? Not regulated, does not mean unethical. It doesn't mean you don't have an ethical, professional and personal responsibility of protecting and seeking your client's best interests. In fact, coaches have an even bigger responsibility because of the still new nature of the field of coaching.

5 Sure-Fire Resources To Build Your Coaching Empire : Want to learn about 5 resources I've personally used to build my coaching business (including the software I use for this website)? Here you go.

The Basics Of Building A Successful Web Business : I wish I would have known earlier how all the parts fit in to build a successful website. I wouldn't have spent so many countless hours sitting on my butt learning bits and pieces from this and that website. Here's what I learned.

Get Your Clients To Call You For Free : I wouldn't be surprised to learn that not a lot of coaches know about this little tool. Here's how I've used it to get clients all the way from Down Under (Yes, that's Australia mate).

How To Ethically Bribe Google To Pay You Almost Overnight: OK, Google's been paying me for quite some time now. It was easy. I didn't have to beg, grovel, or pitch. I just asked and practically overnight I was on their payroll, in a way.

An Easy To Implement Strategy To Get Your Coaching Online If you've ever wondered how big time marketers and savvy movers and shakers on the Internet today seemingly run their businesses like a well oiled machine this is the article you should read first. I'll teach you how the pros do it. (Hint: the secret is in the systems.) 

The Coach's Guide For Getting Awesome Results: Want to be an awe inspiring coach? Yes, I thought so. Here are 11 rules that you should pay attention to.

Parents: Could You Use A Little Coaching? I wrote this article quite some time ago. At a time when I wish I could have had a parenting coach myself. Because I had no idea what to do (if you're a parent, you know what this means.) 

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