Coaching, Your Brain And Quantum Physics

The Basics

What do these three areas have to do with each other?

You may be surprised, that it's more than you think. In fact, it has everything to do with what you think.

When you get deep down into it, you'll notice that every action begins within the confines of a person's head; a complex process of thought and emotion is triggered inside your brain that is manifested as a behavior.

It's only in the last 10 years or so, that science has been able to pinpoint exactly how this process works, and evidence is beginning to mount that it is breaking the barriers of what we believed to be true.

A number of breakthrough findings are shedding light on what's behind how we perceive our world and it gives us ideas on how we can succeed in understanding how to harness our brain's incredible power.

This spongy, three pound mass of fatty tissue inside your skull controls every human activity; but it is its potential that is fascinating to neuroscientists. The Society for Neuroscience in a recent article reflected that "...the extent of the brain's capabilities is unknown, but it is the most complex living structure known in the Universe."

Because of the structural and functional makeup of its inter-connected neurons its activity takes place at the ionic level, and as notable neuro-scientist Jeffrey Schwartz has noted "if you have a basic understanding of Newtonian versus quantum physics you will know that this means the brain itself is a quantum environment."

A funny thing happens in quantum physics, when it comes to governing rules, quantum theory completely destroys the foundations of Newtonian physics.

According to quantum theory whatever question we ask of nature influences the outcome you see. When it comes to your brain, this may mean that your thoughts significantly affect the connections it makes. In essence, your thoughts alter the pattern of the neural connections your brain makes.

It's not inconceivable to think therefore that by altering the our brain's neural connections we can alter our reality.

How Does This Work?

Are you paying attention?

Maybe you should, it turns out that by intently focusing our attention on the vision we want to achieve, we may be able to get what we want.

This process is not unknown for people that meditate, through the use of mindfulness meditation techniques people have been known to affect the environment around them.

We also know that the brain is highly adaptable, effectively changing its structure through a process that's been widely recognized called "neuro-plasticity." Change can be achieved by learning how to harness its ability to naturally alter its neural patterns. How? By working with, instead of against, its own language...thought.

The Language Of The Brain

If we take the words of W. Clement Stone: "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve" somewhat further, we learn that achievement must begin in the mind. The messages you give it, be it positive or negative, will be played out in the scenario of your mind and reinforced through a habitual adaptation of the behavior.

This happens, as also do many things that we take for granted, mostly in a non conscious manner. There's a lot about how our brains function that is conducted without us necessarily knowing about it. Most of our activity goes on seemingly on autopilot.

Brain Based Coaching

How can coaching help you? One of the hardest parts of change is becoming conscious of the automatic behaviors we all have so that we can change them.

What does your brain need?

This would be a common question a brain based coach would ask you. The idea is to gain insight into the way we do things in a particular manner helping us focus on finding the best solution among many, sometimes conflicting thought patterns that are competing for attention in our mind.

The fact is that everyone has thoughts, everyone shares in the energy of the creative. Not many people however know how to act on great thoughts and express them fully as a perceived reality. Yet with some effort, questions and focused attention, we can effectively produce results.

Now it's in our thoughts to take advantage of the opportunity.

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