How Call Center Coaching is Changing the Story

Most of us have been on the receiving end of nightmarish customer service. This is especially true in the call center industry. I know, from firsthand experience in the front lines.

Most call center managers say that service level is among the most important Key Performance Indicators driving operations, experience shows us a different reality.

The fact is, call center nightmare scenarios are pretty common. The causes are complicated, call center managers oft find themselves facing under-staffing, over-staffing, high employee turnover, low employee morale and motivation. Add to this the language barriers created by the outsourcing of services offshore and we have the makings of the next Friday the 13th.

There are your star performers though. You can find them in every call center and their stories are truly inspiring.

In a call center coaching process you should focus on these star performers first. Pay attention to what they do, how they do it and why; you'll be surprised to find out that you can model an entire culture by learning what these vital behaviors are and applying systematically to company processes.

You're also leveraging the strong relationships that these leaders have, in a sense you're turning them into the most effective coaches you'll be able to find.

Call center coaching can bring a new perspective to the game, one that's more empowering and committed to customer satisfaction.

The question is whether your organization is open to doing things differently. It means stepping away from the rigid hierarchies and crippling bureaucracies so prevalent in today's organizations and adopting strategies that can truly make a difference in improving your organization's service level.

With call center coaching you entrust your best performers to be the driving force behind taking your call center to the next level. This building from the "ground up" approach is likely to be more effective and cost effective than most employee training courses.

When a little goes a long way

Coaching can also reduce employee burnout, something that's all too common in the call center industry.

It takes special character to be able to work in a call center, you're expected to give outstanding customer service at all times. When you factor in awkward schedules, tiresome repetitive tasks, complaining customers, outsourcing and your employees' personal problems, working in a call center can be challenging to say the least. At worst it becomes a service disaster.

Even your top players are prone burning out; and once they go, it's a bumpy road forward. More than anything, your service level is bound to suffer, once you lose a customer due to bad service, you've very well lost him or her for life.

Coaching is effective because from a coaching standpoint, a coach's agenda is your agenda. This means that a coach will give you the room to view potential challenges in a different light.

Most employees are thrilled to be able to express their ideas and concerns, coaching facilitates this openness and seeks to elicit solutions.

Meaningful change is possible, when you make your employees your front-runners and give them the support they need to do their jobs.

Bottom line when service is concerned, you are better off by keeping your talented players. What better way to show them you value their jobs than by being supported by a coach.

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