Coach J.P. Cortes

by J.P. Cortes
(San Jose, Costa Rica)

Coach J.P. with his son

Coach J.P. with his son

What Brought You To Coaching?

I realized that fundamentally everything we do, every decision we make, every thought we craft is inter-dependent, but seldom do we realize this and it's where we run into problems.

Ultimately not finding meaning in our work and life, buys us a one way ticket to dissatisfaction and unproductive behavior.

Can You Tell Me More About Your Coaching Philosophy?

I decided to devote a lot of my efforts in asking questions, in getting to know what makes me tick.

I started paying attention to how everything is affected not only by what I thought, but how I thought.

I've come to understand, that significant change is possible. In fact, I believe change is a necessity and that it's grounded in how we think about life.

In learning more about myself and how I evolve as a conscious human being and what I can do to bring about significant change for others, I believe I can do a lot of good.

What Is It That Gives You The Most Happiness?

The possibility to talk to other people and find out what they think and believe about their lives.

Most of us sell ourselves short in what we believe we can achieve. We've stopped going after our dreams and aspirations and we've given into a sense of hopelessness that nothing can change.

In reality, there's a lot that we can do, but we need to start by looking for solutions rather than centering on problems. What are the possibilities? There's a lot that we can learn from each other and I'm excited to find out more.

What Is It That You're Trying To Do?

I'm trying to get people to pay attention to themselves. To take back ownership of their lives and to harness the power of self-knowledge and insight.

I want to remind people that in order to change things, we need to start by changing on the inside. What I'm proposing is that there's a much more meaningful, enriching way to look at things and that with learning, it's perfectly within our grasp to change the way we interact with life.

In the end, we'll gain a lot more from being strong within than whatever we can do, buy or achieve on the outside.

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May 03, 2010
by: elisabeth Constantine

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