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Atiya KM 
Atiya is an enlightened human being and spiritual guide, who is often viewed as a contemporary muse/oracle inspiring countless others to find their creative …

Sharon Ball 
If you are sleepwalking through life, living a life defined by other people's values, reacting to the environment, doing what everyone says that you SHOULD …

Homer Williams 
Member - International Association of Coaching Certified Life Coach - Genesis International Consulting Firm, LLC, Genesis Life Coaching Institute …

Dr. John Shupe  
I am a Life Coach holding an Arts.D degree in Social and Behavioral Science and a Ph.d in life Strategies Coaching. My goal is simple: Help people …

Wellbeing and Life Creation Coach Not rated yet
Is it time to heal yourself and your life? The answer is yes. You are evolving - do it mindfully and consciously and gain the health and life you have …

Rose Tol, Perth Australia Not rated yet
Rose Tol Life Coach, Certified Meditator, Relationships Counselor, Author and Meditation teacher. Profile: Rose has a Phd in Nutrition and is a …

Wayne Downey Not rated yet
Wayne Downey 4501 Auburn St Rockford, il 61101 815-962-7223 mobile 815-742-1867

zola sibam Not rated yet
Zola Sibam 0832454926 South African

Glenn Xavier Not rated yet
Glenn Xavier Guiding Life LLC 203 533-9793

Arzu Durukan Not rated yet

Magdalena Winkler Not rated yet
Licensed Massage Therapist and Certified Life Coach In field of Health and Wellness over 16 years as a massage therapist gave me incredible experience …

Lara Aitken Not rated yet
Lara Aitken, AP., LMT., CHT., MLC. Master Life Coach, Acupuncture Physician, Herbalist, Hypnotist, Licensed Massage Therapist. 407-340-8500 call …

Jason Cole Magnon Not rated yet
Hi! In addition to being a Certified Master Life Coach, I utilize an array of other skill-sets as well (NLP, hypnosis, Reiki, Yoga, and more). I'd love …

Kevin Ellis Not rated yet
I offer a high quality personal development service that is optimised to achieve results. Life coaching will achieve the clarity and confidence to resolve …

Richard Anthony Lee Not rated yet
My name is Richard Lee and after over coming alcohol addiction I decided it is my passion to help people! To realize this passion I have had to move …

Luciano (The Key) Santini Not rated yet
I help you to unlock your true potential in your professional and personal life. I am a Certifed Life Coach/Business Coach and Top Motivational Speaker …

Shannon McQueen Not rated yet
Are you ready to take your life up a notch? Tired of the same, humdrum routine? Perhaps, I can help...I support overwhelmed, stressed-out women in …

Joann Lim Not rated yet
BIG Picture. Fine Focus. Connoisseurs of Life. Big Picture. Fine Focus. is the brain child of internationally trained coach Joann Lim. Joann …

Peter Strijdonk Not rated yet
I am a certified personal and professional development coach living and working in Beijing. Having started my professional career in Egypt, where I …

Neal Durose Not rated yet
My Business is Called TACTICS Coaching. My Coaching is designed around the 18 years of life experience and 15 years in the sales and business services …

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