What's Included In Those Coaching Fees?

How much should you pay in coaching fees?

People are investing over $1.5 billion dollars annually for coaching but how much of that is reflected in concrete significant results for a client.

Although coaches are free to charge pretty much any amount, it's up to the savvy consumer to discern what's real from what's bogus.

If you're willing to invest both your commitment of time and money, you want to know what services are included for your hard earned money.

Coaching fees can go anywhere from $100 to thousands of dollars per month(s) depending on:

  • The coach's experience
  • The area of coaching expertise
  • The length of the coaching agreement

Most coaches I've come across set their fees around a commitment of a certain amount of sessions per month consisting usually of a 30 minute to 1 hour weekly session.

Coaching agreements normally are long-term, although you can benefit from receiving coaching for a couple of sessions (if you have short-term goals this may be all you need), meaningful change in life most often takes time.

What Should Be Included In The Fee?

Rather than telling you what should be included, I recommend that you ask a coach, before making any commitment, what the structure of his or her coaching service is.

Look at the following questions to determine if the coaching fees you're being charged are fair:

  • How many sessions per month are you getting?
  • How long are the sessions?
  • Is the coach available for inter-session support?
  • Does the coach give email support?

The most important question you can ask yourself when hiring a coach and determining if the fees are fair is:

How do you feel in regards to this coach?

Coaching is a relationship that's based largely on trust, if it doesn't feel right or if your intuition is telling you to steer clear, chances are you're right.

Bottom line...

What do you want to get out of coaching? If you keep this simple rule in mind, you will find a great coach that's right for you.

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