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How Many Coaching Models Can You Find?

by Jean-Paul Cortes

As many coaches as there are out there, there are probably even more coaching models. Don't worry, this isn't a bad thing. In fact, a many models approach is probably your best bet to lead people towards finding the best solution possible.

What is a coaching model?

A coaching model is a framework, it does not tell you how to coach but rather it's the underlying structure that you can use for when you're coaching someone.

It's like having a high level strategy that allows you to "see the battlefield," therefore increasing your ability to respond adequately to whatever coaching situation you're faced with.

Learning from different coaching models has definite value, as no one model has all of the answers to all of the challenges you'll be faced with as a coach.

Why are there so many coaching models?

Coaching integrates many fields of knowledge, so it's likely that many theories and models were adapted for coaching. This also means that you have a broader base to learn from.

Having many models available can actually help you when you're creating your own model. Provided you have a way for doing so, that is.

What do most coaching models have in common?

Most coaching approaches share some things in common:

  • The establishment of a relationship that's built on trust, unfeigned communication and confidentiality.
  • The formulation of client-based, agreed upon goals and expectations.
  • A deep questioning and learning dynamic in relation to people's goals.

By learning and understanding each model's commonalities, you can then integrate and effectively create your approach.

Not one model, but many...

A lot of coaches will get stuck when trying to come up with their own model. Fitting what you've learned in coaching school into a working and practicable model for doing things is a challenge at first.

Creating a model from scratch is extremely difficult and besides, given the very nature of the changing circumstances you'll be faced with while coaching someone, being wedded to one model, one way of doing things, will frequently leave you stumped as to what to do next.

Is there a better approach?

Yes, there is.

A much better approach to creating your model would be searching for best practices from other models, understanding what works, and adapting what you've learned from experience and bringing it all together in a planned response.

You can do this by using a "What Works Matrix," where you apply a many models approach to solve a given problem.

Do you really need a coaching model?

Whether you recognize it or not, your coaching approach can be boiled down to a process, a model of how you do things and get results.

You don't need be an expert in all coaching approaches, but you will eventually have to figure out a way of how to best help your clients achieve their goals. This is where having a model, or many if you use the the "What Works Matrix" is extremely helpful

More Coaching Models

How To Create Your Coaching Model Using A What Works Matrix  The truth about coaching models is that not one model will fit for every situation that you're challenged with when working with your clients. What's a better approach? A multi-model approach. Here's how.

What-IS-Coaching Model - An effective and simple model that I personally developed when I started coaching. I've developed other approaches since. But this model while simple, remains powerful and effective. Almost as if my intuition guided me to finding this approach.

Motivational Interviewing - People are ambivalent. We have mixed feeling about, just about anything. And this sometimes gets us in trouble. Because it's hard for us to really understand what our true motivations are at times. Here's where this coaching model can help your clients.

The G.R.O.W Coaching Model  - A widely used way for helping people achieve their goals. When it comes to coaching, simple often is more effective. Folks tend to lose motivation and get stuck when overwhelmed with tasks you give them, or that they give themselves. G.R.O.W will help you give clarity to your clients by giving them a simple framework to succeed in their goals.

SUCCESS - How do you spell SUCCESS? I'll bet that you're not expecting it's spelt like this (it's not what you're thinking...)

STEPPPA - Clearly, if you're a human being, you are an emotional creature. We all have emotions. We all can learn from our emotions. This model focuses on the different aspects of the emotions involved in achieving goals.

WHAT - Asking good questions is a coach's bread and butter. People will ramble on when you ask them about what they want and often are blind to see the real reasons behind their behaviors. This model allows you to ask the right questions, it's a simple yet effective strategy towards helping your clients find a solution.

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