A Surefire Strategy For Using Coaching Quotes To Solve Problems When You're Stumped For Solutions

Discover this little known technique created by a world renowned creativity leader

by Jean-Paul Cortes

"The secret to creativity is knowing how to hide your sources."
- Albert Einstein (1879 - 1955)

Do you want learn how to use coaching quotes to solve many of your biggest problems? It's really very simple, you already have everything you need.

Imagine millions of molecules at a standstill. Then imagine nudging one of these molecules to get things going.

At first, there is practically no movement at all...

Then, as one molecule bumps into another, and another, and another...a chain reaction is started and pretty soon it's a whirlwind of movement that's hard to stop.

Did you know that the mind, works in much the same way?

One thought sparks thousands of other thoughts. All sorts of connections, ideas and associations are weaving into each other in your brain every second of your life.

How does this solve your client's problems and what the heck does this have to do with using coaching quotes?

Have you heard about lateral thinking?

Lateral thinking is solving problems through an indirect and creative approach, through a process that is not immediately obvious and involving ideas that you may get by using logic.

Learning how to think laterally can be tricky. People tend to rely on logic and critical thinking, so getting them to step off the beaten path is often challenging.

Most of us are used to a step-by-step system, so the easiest way of helping someone how to think laterally is by providing structure to their thought process.

This "coaching quotes" strategy is one way to easily learn how to do this.

Lateral thinking technique for using quotes

  • Step 1:Think about a problem or challenge that you have been unable to solve or that you are stuck with.
  • Step 2:Choose one or several quotes at random. It doesn't matter how many quotes you find, some will resonate more with you, others might not make any sense. Just keep reading quotes.
  • Step 3:Associate the quotes with the problem and explore the new possibilities that open up.

For example imagine you are thinking about how to improve your life, you've been buggered about finding a solution to your problem for quite some time, so step one will have you stop. In step two you'll look through a coaching quotes at random. Do you see anything that resonates with you, with the problem you have at hand?

Your brain is really good at making connections, let it. Let's say that you find the following quote: "There are no failures - just experiences and your reactions to them."

What is it about this quote that got your attention? Do you see anything obvious? Can you relate it in some way with your problem?

Look to your own experience, there's likely something within that quote that you can use to solve your problem. Nobody really knows why this works, but more than likely you will find that the answer pops up.

This allow you to understand how you are labeling circumstances as good or bad and by doing so it may open up the way to reframing how they look at things.

The inspiration, ideas and common sense words of wisdom expressed by great teachers throughout history are guiding principles for solving many problems.

Ready To Solve Your Problems?

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