Can Coaching Change Your Life?

I'm going to take a leap of faith: chances are if you're reading this page you're already looking for a change.

Would you consider being coached through change?

Everyone knows change can be difficult, sometimes it hits us unexpectedly, other times we sort of go out and look for it.

Whatever the case, change is always happening.

This may seem like a jagged little pill to swallow for many of us, but personal growth is fed by change. At some point or the other, when life throws you a curve ball you're faced with answering the questions: What will I do now and how do I handle this? And while you may intuitively know what you want to do sometimes the road is not all too clear.

Here's what a coach can offer you:

  • A different perspective of things
  • A space to be listened to without judgment
  • Needed encouragement
  • A sounding board for new ideas
  • Experience

You may be asking yourself why you can't get any of this from a trusted friend or someone that you feel very close to. To be honest, the more people you have like this around you, the better. It means that you have a greater chance of understanding change and how it affects your life.

A coach however, will be dedicated to you. He or she will walk along with you, not to get in your way but to make sure you successfully change your life.

Think about the last time you wanted to change something in your life; if someone were to provide you the support you need by allowing you to freely talk about the things that concern you, as obstacles and opportunities, and then craft out a plan with you to get what you want.

Would that help you?

How change will affect us is hard to tell. But by looking into the heart of change and being open about it, we gain the confidence we need to work with change and stop pushing against it.

Bottom line is this: with or without a coach, the decisions you make when faced with change are yours.

How about coaching to change life as you know it?

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