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Advanced Coaching Tips and Techniques

What You'll Discover...

  • Why your definition of coaching can mean the difference between people hiring or passing you? (...You'd be surprised to find out how few coaches don't know how to define coaching when asked and why this keeps clients away)
  • The real secret to understanding other people. You're going to ask yourself why you didn't know about this before (page 13)
  • How to get change to happen in your life almost immediately, and how to do so painlessly (page 15)
  • How to harness inner trust for moving things forward (page 18)
  • How to program minds for success. Learn the secret techniques to create a "winner's mindset" (page 21)
  • Key listening skills for getting rid of limiting perspectives...permanently (page 28)
  • How mental maps determine the decision people make and how to change them to supercharge your client's success (page 34)

Along with your ebook you'll also be receiving the following:

Special Report

"7 Secrets to Selling Your Coaching"

What you'll be learning:

  • There are 7 basic influence principles of human behavior, do you know what they are? Learn the deeply ingrained "triggers" to behavior that predictably sway people to buy
  • A client recruitment system consisting of 7 essential skills for creating sales activities that work.

This report is the result of research in behavioral psychology and proven techniques in the science of sales.

When you understand how these principles work and begin using the skills, you'll know how to create your own client attraction magnet.


A Complete 7 Step E-Course

"Killer Strategies To Have A Brilliant Coaching Website That Delivers The Goods"

Along with your tips, you're also receiving a 7 step detailed e-course for building a successful online business.

You would normally have to pay to receive this knowledge, this course reveals the proven ways for having a no nonsense, easy to set up coaching website that will knock the socks off your competition.
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