Would You Like To Know The Secret To Happiness?

by Jean-Paul Cortes

"A human being, like a business, makes profits and suffers losses. For a human being, however, the ultimate currency is not money, nor is it any external measure, such as fame, fortune, or power. The ultimate currency for a human being is happiness."

The secret to life lies within you. Everything you come in contact with carries the energy of the creative, and the well that you drink from is endless.

In the vast expanses of your mind, you can touch upon and sense just how big this power is. It exists for one reason only, to manifest itself in your life.

With each moment that you open your heart and soul to it, it brings a renewed sense of joy and it compels you forward, accompanying you every step of the way.

Isn't wonderfully reassuring to remember that your inner resources are fully available to you now?

Each time you visualize your successful accomplishments, you affirm your willful mastery over the end results. Harnessing the power of your desires and channeling internal energies into action and success.

You choose what you want to be and have fun having empowering thoughts and emotions of living at your best and manifesting the vision of what you were born to be.

Each day you have a greater appreciation for how beautiful life is, as you bring the moment alive. Living in the present and enjoying the magic of it all, feeling good about yourself.

Directing your awareness inward with each breath in and expanding it to the Universe with each breath out, carrying the power of the creative with you each step of the way.

A real gift

A real gift is one for which nothing is required in return, and the gift of life is just that.

The opportunity is there for you to manifest your inner most dreams and desires, and feeling happiness for all that you are. Keeping your mind fixed on this and being steady in your practice day and night, the doors are open to you.

As a plant grows from a seed and a flower blossoms in an instant of beauty. You too are opening to the light, manifesting your true nature into this life.

Live your life in happiness, even if all around you is in discord. Be happiness itself, this is what you were meant to be.

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