Discover The Magic of Life Coaching

by Jean-Paul Cortes

People assume that there's nothing you can do to change the circumstances affecting our lives.

But there is a way, and it's called the magic of believing...

And it can change your life.

Let me tell you a story that you may have forgotten...

There was once a young man that wanted to work with one of the greatest inventors in history.

One day, this man decided intently that he was not going to be denied.

With one hand tied behind his back and without knowing exactly how we was going to reach his goal, he then set out wholeheartedly to achieve his life's purpose and worked tirelessly until one day he finally managed his purpose.

He was sure to win and he did.

What you may not know, is that the way he fixed success in his mind was through writing his goal on paper.

Every day he took to reading and reminding himself of the grander life he was destined to be living.

Soon after, his vision was realized.

He had understood the magic of believing...

You may believe however that what used to work then, does not necessarily work today and it's Ok.

Now, if you could change the way you achieve goals and do so almost effortlessly would you?

Would you like to know the first step to applying the magic of believing?

Write down your goal, as clearly and vividly as you can.

That's will be one step closer to realizing your dream.

Let's say however that tomorrow something has changed and it usually does.

What do you do then?

If you're rigid in your approach, you wind up telling yourself that it's not going to happen and you give up.

Undeniably, you will fail...

If you're able to freely flow and adapt to the changing circumstances, you'll realize that you are capable of writing a different outcome.

You're taking advantage of the principle of adaptability.

This principle is perfectly recognizable when you pay attention to how water takes the shape of the container it's poured into.

If the container is round, water is round; if it's square, then that's the shape it will assume.

Does this sound simple enough?

You see - without really STRESSING about how you're going to achieve a goal, that you've assumed is etched in stone, you can re-invent it and realize the path of least resistance.

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