Do You Have Any Beliefs Just Lying Underneath The Surface?

by Jean-Paul Cortes

"I am tomorrow, or some future day, what I established today. I am today what I established yesterday or some previous day."
James Joyce

You are who you think you are, that is for sure.

But what do these thoughts about yourself contain?

Are they thoughts of prosperity, happiness and well-being or are they filled with negativity and disdain for yourself?

You are complex...

From birth to this moment, there's a lot that went on and is still going on. You have learned dozens of new things, overcome hundreds of barriers and over the course of your lifetime, you have also developed thousands of beliefs.

Did you know, that the average person has over 50,000 thoughts per day?

Most thoughts are unconscious. Those that are deeply ingrained to our sense of self, give shape to who we are and how we do things.

Your beliefs are at the very core of who you are. They are you, in a sense.

And because you can't see them, and you may not be truly aware of them, they may be sabotaging you.


By having an understanding of the beliefs that shape our lives, we get to know who we are.

Awareness is the conscious observation of the way you think and act. It is a window to understanding what drives your behaviors.

What do you believe?

Most people define themselves as realists. We believe that a particular situation is true, we believe that circumstances for the most part cannot be changed, we accept reality for what it is.

But isn't reality a particular way of looking at things? Isn't my way of looking at things different than yours? And does that make it any less real?

We all have underlying beliefs that color our reality. The way we perceive things to be true. The question is, are our beliefs and behaviors supporting or hindering us?

We carry our thoughts and beliefs around with us. Many times, we unconsciously behave in ways acting on the thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that we pick up during our lifetime.

Our ingrained thoughts are what drives our behavior

The way we act is a reflection of what we believe. Our thinking about something, is reflected in the way we act it out.

If you were able to see yourself from the outside, what would you notice?

Perhaps you may be aware of some of your behaviors such as, when you organize your day or plan out your goals.

Conscious decisions that are aligned with what you want. And you may feel that you are in control, because you probably are.

But what underlying beliefs would you notice about yourself?

The deepest and most unconscious behaviors come from our thoughts turned into reality, we may have picked them up a long time ago, our parents, teachers or friends may have given them to us.

You probably don't even remember what the circumstances were at that time that gave way to many of your behaviors.

You cannot see them, you cannot smell them, or hear them. But they are there, bubbling beneath the surface.

The only way to really understand them is by being aware of them.

Your life or your beliefs

How many times have you told yourself that this year you'll achieve all of your goals, only to look back the following year and realize that nothing's changed and you don't know why?

Sometimes our conscious thoughts can conflict or be opposed to other more deeply seated beliefs in our unconscious mind. When this happens no matter how hard we try, we'll always end up going back to our basic belief system.

What would happen however if you just focus on being aware of your beliefs?

What do you notice? Can you see any contradictions between what you do and what you say you believe? What are you committed to?

These are the types of questions that you need to ask yourself. Rather than judging the circumstances, you patiently and persistently dig deep and uproot beliefs that may be hindering your progress.

Realize that life is a journey and that the only moment that you have is now. Recognize that you can decide if you want to keep these beliefs about yourself. Let them go if that's what you want to do.

Negative beliefs sabotage any attempt to live a fulfilling life. All that frustration that comes about from not achieving our goals, may come from an underlying belief that is in the background, running your life unbeknownst to you.

Your beliefs are busily manifesting themselves in giving you the kinds of outcomes that you say you don't want in your life. Despite what you may say to the contrary.

Stop the behavior by stopping the belief, make a conscious effort to be aware of your thoughts and you are bound to be successful.

Explore the sources that have been dominating you for so long. If you identify the source, you can break the shackles binding you an existence filled with misery and finally move forward.

Notice the connections between your beliefs and your outcomes. By being aware of your underlying beliefs gives you a choice of how to act as circumstances arise, and circumstances always arise.

It's is how you respond to them that determine the outcome and how you respond has to do with what you believe about them in the first place.

Not being afraid

People who let go of negative beliefs about themselves or that don't support them in their growth and change, usually are successful in life. They feel good about themselves, about their work and friends and life answers in kind.

People who don't let go of their beliefs are constantly stuck in a rut, constantly blame circumstances for their lives or lack thereof. They resent their situation and attribute and blame everything that's happening to outer circumstances, or other people, even themselves.

What type of person do you want to be?

Bring it all together

Awareness is the first step. It might be the most important step.

When you bring something forward from your unconscious mind, it gives you latitude to make different decisions.

When you consciously see something you can determine how to act.

You can ask yourself questions about why you act the way you do.

You can start little by little, unlocking truths about what you believe in.

The next time that you're faced with a situation that's challenging to you, step back and ask yourself if there is an underlying belief behind the way you're acting.

See the connections...

Once you figure out what your beliefs are, you now have the power to decide how you will use this new awareness.

And this is when it gets exciting, because you can consciously choose.

It's a constant awareness of who you are. And this makes all the difference in the world.

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