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If you're like me, you get tons of email every day. It's frustrating. Annoying. And sometimes you just want to reach out and choke someone.

I get it. That's why I try to keep my inbox to a minimum. And I respect your inbox as well. So if you do have something to say, I'll think it's important to you. And that's why I'll answer back personally.

Now, I can't promise I'll write immediately (I try to unattach myself from my phone as much as I can). But I will answer back.

I'd love to hear your stories. Your wins. Your losses. What makes you happy. What gets you jumping out of bed when you wake up. All of this is music to my ears. And I'll even share some of my adventures in this beautiful journey called life...

Pura Vida,

P.S. Remember to provide your best email for me to answer back. I'd hate to write and for you not to receive my email and think I didn't want to answer back. 

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