How to Make a Workshop Training Pay For Itself If You're a Small Biz Owner

by Sean D'Souza

No, Sean is not a DJ

No, Sean is not a DJ

EDITOR'S NOTE: Marketing Maven, Sean D'Souza is brilliant when explaining how coaches can leverage workshops as an outstanding source of income. If you want to learn how to turn a workshop into your own money-maker read this article.

The most interesting word in the sentence is "pay".
Or rather payback.
Why would you put in time, money and effort without a clear payback?

And yet most people have not a clue what this payback could be
For me it was about confidence. When I first started out in
business I saw myself as an impostor. I knew stuff about marketing
but I didn't feel confident about my knowledge.

For me each workshop I went to, built more confidence in myself. So
guess what? I went to many workshops and did spend a lot of my
money, time and energy.

Did I get a direct return on the first $12-$15k I spent?

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