How Your Negative Thought Patterns Are Getting In Your Way

by Jean-Paul Cortes
(San Jose, Costa Rica)

Squashing Your Negative Thought Patterns

Squashing Your Negative Thought Patterns

It's hard to come to grips with your negative thoughts. They can turn into the silent enemy that erodes every effort you make to succeed.

Why are negative thoughts so pervasive in our lives? Some would say that negative thinking is ingrained in our nature. Others avoid negative thoughts at all costs.

What remains true is that at some points in everyone's life we find ourselves consumed in patterns of thought that might not be in our well-being.

The danger is not so much in the thoughts themselves, but in getting on a "hamster wheel" that we don't quite know how to get off.

Well, personal development writer Steve Pavlina has some ideas on how to squash those negative thought patterns.

Here's a short excerpt from his article:

"...There are actually quite a number of ways to de-condition a negative thought pattern. The basic idea is to replace the old pattern with a new one. Mentally resisting the negative thought will usually backfire — you’ll simply reinforce it and make it even worse. The more you fire those neurons in the same way, the stronger the pattern becomes."

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