If You Don't Want To Increase Your Sales That's OK...

But if you do, here's something for you to consider

By Jean-Paul Cortes

Have you ever been in a store and you're being harassed by a salesman who's giving you all of the benefits of a product or service and who just won't shut up?

Lets say that for some reason there's a little voice in your head that's telling you to think it over, even if it sounds really, really good?

Sure, we all have...

Well, say you go home and do some research on the Internet and find out that your hunch turned out to be spot on, that there are some major flaws with the product or service you were being sold.

I know what you're thinking, why didn't that guy say anything?

Why indeed?

Most salespeople should know better.

As it turns out, they probably don't. But you can bet that you probably won't be buying from that guy ever again, wouldn't you?

What would have happened however if that salesperson would have been upfront with any flaws that that product or service had?

It probably would have turned out very differently.

Let me tell you a story...

One day I went into a hardware store to buy a weed whacker.

As it was I was set on buying a particular brand because it was one I knew and trusted.

When I got there, the guy that helped me offered me something different.

At first I said no, even if it was considerably less money.

This guy probably knew his job because rather than trying to sell me out of my decision, he said:

- Well Sir, the brand you're about to buy is an outstanding brand and even though you'll be paying much more for it, you're probably making the right decision.

- If you allow me a few minutes however let me tell you about the benefits of the one I'm showing you...

- But first, since I know that you might be concerned, I should tell you that we have had some returns for this unit because of the start button breaking.

He assured however that they've since made it a point to check these machines fully before they sold it and if something were to happen, they would exchange it without a question and give me the brand I originally was thinking of.

This started to change things in my mind.

I was still worried though, that as soon as I had to cut the grass for the first time the thing would explode and break into a million pieces.

He probably noticed this because without hesitation, he asked me if I could follow him outside to where they happened to be mowing the lawn, using the same machine as he was recommending.

To make a long story short, it didn't take too long before I had decided to buy.

He didn't even have to tell me about the benefits of this other brand, all he did was be upfront and honest about any possible troubles I may run into.

Don't kid yourself about it, you can't shove these things under the rug, especially these days when the Internet is only a click away.

You can be guaranteed that whatever you're hiding will and is found out by savvy consumers.

And don't just make sure that you're disclosing this information, put it as the first thing that you talk about.

Why would you do a silly thing as that?

Any sale is an emotional process, there are going to be plenty of objections in your client's mind before he or she decides to make a purchase.

There always are, regardless of what the product is...

The reason why you want to put the negative in front is because there's one less thing, one less worry, one less objection that you have to overcome.

If you do this, the trust and respect you will get from your prospects will lower their defense mechanisms, and so they'll be primed to receive the real benefits of your product or service.

Put yourself in your client's shoes, you don't even have to go that far.

When was the last time you bought something from someone that you didn't trust?

Wouldn't you be angry if you found out something about the product you've just bought that would absolutely, without a doubt, made you not buy in the first place?

At least if you knew about it, you would have the opportunity to make your own decision.

And that's what it's all about after all, you being able to make your decisions without having to think about if the thing will turn into a sour lemon.

If you want to increase your sales, make sure you're putting the dirty laundry in front, where everyone can see it.

If you're still concerned it won't work, I'm sure you can find many positive reasons why your product is superior, you wouldn't be selling it otherwise would you?

You can always highlight the great features that I'm sure your product has, only do it after you've gone over the disadvantages.

Here's the formula for success:

Lead with the negative, highlight the positive and watch your sales increase.

One more thing, if you are bringing up an objection make sure that you have a solution to offer your client.

It's one thing to understand your products' shortcomings, it's quite another to not make sure to have an way to solve that problem.

Take the guesswork out of your client's mind, find out what objections your client might have and make sure you present a solution for it.

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