Inspirational Videos

Have you found yourself enthralled by a powerful video that you have to keep on watching and makes you hold your breath? Of course, we all have.

That's the magic of inspirational videos; they captivate your attention and frequently open our minds with great insights or clues on solving our seemingly biggest problems.

I hope you enjoy the videos I've put up here. Comments are welcome (you can add yours by scrolling to bottom of the page).

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Commentary: I can't help but to smile when I see this video. In fact, I often found myself jumping off of my chair and clapping along with this example of pure passion for life of a person.

Commentary: This is simply a great reminder of how little time we have and how much we waste it on thinking about what we want to do instead of doing it. Life is what happens when we're busy paying attention to what we want to do.

Commentary: What a great video, in just over a minute these wonderful stories make us rethink our view on failure. He who never fails, never wins.

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