Life Coaching: Helps Your Clients Write Their Own Success Story

by Jean-Paul Cortes

Life Coaching is not about taking control of your client's decisions and telling them the path they should take.

It's their life, and as no one else will be living it for them, ultimately they're the ones holding up the sign of which way to go and what decisions to make.

Which paths to take, what they look back on, and what they look forward to is up to them.

They determine their destination, what kind of road they'll take to get there, and how happy they are when they do.

As a life coach, you can take this vision and hold your clients accountable to their unique vision of life.

Human beings generally have a hard time holding ourselves accountable. We frequently break the commitments we make to ourselves so having a coach makes it easier for someone to go that extra mile...and we all know how hard that last mile is.

Life Coaching is not for everyone though. You have to be ready, willing and able to do things differently.

This means:

  • Being Ready: You have to be committed to play the game and play it intensely. You're the beating heart of change
  • Being Willing: Are you determined to change the things you need to change to succeed? Make now a good time to act.
  • Being Able: Do you have the necessary power, skills and resources to accomplish what you've set out to do? If not, how are you going to obtain them?

Let's be honest, if you constantly need to pushed, if there's too much resistance or if you're not willing to take action, coaching may not be for you.

Where does change take place?

How does change look like for your client?

How does it sound and feel?

Is it clear enough?


That's where your client wants to go. Between where they are now and where they want to be is where life coaching takes place.

Take a moment to visualize the journey.

It helps if help your client come up with a road-map to identify possible difficulties or barriers that they will encounter.

This is the bread and butter of coaching work.

Do they feel overwhelmed?

Motivate them to keep going, to believe in themselves. Research shows that many people will give up right before they reach the finish line, help them not give up.

As a coach you can provide that little ounce of enthusiasm that will nudge your client to reach their goals, even if they don't believe that they can actually reach it.

The message of life coaching is that life is to be lived in the NOW

Here's the thing, some of us are stuck in the past, attached to memories or trying to figure out what went wrong.

Others just don't take the time to stop and just keep on running towards somewhere else, anywhere but now.

If you help your clients understand and accept that life is happening now, they can start to change their perceptions and focus on creating happiness.

How do you achieve change?

The realization of being responsible for everything that happens in your life takes great courage.

Seeking our own personal potential and achieving mastery of ourselves takes up most of the work in coaching.

This usually happens only after we've changed our mindsets from one that's reactive of life's circumstances, to one that is proactive to achieving your goals.

The combination of conscious and unconscious beliefs, your values, expectations and experiences are brought together so that you can produce the results you desire.

Learning how to:

Identify limitations of mindset, being able to clean them out and replace them with more empowering ideas is the first step to lasting change

No doubt that this requires action.

By helping your client to take this crucial step, you've already become a great coach.

Give your clients your best, everyday, make it a way of life.

Be committed to help your clients achieve the results they want and let them write their own great story!

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