Rose Tol, Perth Australia

by Rose Tol
(Perth, Australia)

Rose Tol
Life Coach, Certified Meditator, Relationships Counselor, Author and Meditation teacher.


Rose has a Phd in Nutrition and is a licensed family mediator. She is the founder of the Be the Change Project. For over 20 years, she has counseled couples on how to build a deep and lasting connection while supporting their individual growth . Her long extensive experience shows in her ability to provide the guidance couples need to create lasting intimacy. Rose is passionate about finding the right question; meaning finding the root of the problem. She says: "Once you have taken one problem or issue all the way to it's root, when you pull that root, a whole bunch of other problems and issues just fly out the door!". Once you have gone through this experience you will have the necessary skills and tools you need to do this with yourself and others.

Her deep compassion and non-judgmental listening will have you be comfortable and able to reach for your highest potential. Rose believes wholeheartedly that we can make a difference by Being the Change we wish to see for the world and inspires people around the world to step up from inside and make that difference by Being the Change.

You can visit her website at:

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