The SUCCESS Coaching Model. (We Bet You've Never Spelt Success Quite Like This...)

by Jean-Paul Cortes

Success Coaching Model

The SUCCESS coaching model is another valuable tool within a larger strategic approach of helping your clients achieve their goals.

As many other coaching models, the word success is an acronym that stands for:

  • S: Session Planning
  • U: Uplifting Experiences
  • C: Charting Your Course
  • C: Creating Opportunities
  • E: Expectations and Commitments
  • S: Synergy
  • S: Summary

Let's break each component part to see how they all fit into a whole coaching model:

Session Planning

The majority of clients that you'll coach, don't really know what to work on. You'll ask what they want to get out of being coached and most won't have an answer.

This step, completed prior to sessions, will give structure to what would otherwise be a disorganized process.

Here are some ideas for things you can ask clients to consider in their "planner":

- What actions will they commit to?

- What challenges did they face since the previous session?

- What will be the focus for the next session?

These clarifying questions allow you to keep the momentum going and also help your clients to focus on what's important.

Uplifting Experiences

If you pay attention, most successful people have a habit of building on their successes, in the sense that they seek out and focus on the positive of any situation. They get their "high" from doing this.

This is a behavior that anyone can emulate, it's vital to your client's success to think and recall positive moments their life so they can continually build on them.

Chart Your Course

Here's where a lot of the coaching takes place, you'll be working with your clients on a goal they've chosen.

Obviously, you'll be asking a lot of questions trying to help them move forward toward achieving their goals.

Creating Opportunities

What does your client need to move forward?

You're helping them figure out what specific opportunities exist or they can create to accomplish their goals.

Expectations and Commitments

What does your client expect to achieve?

Personal change requires action and a commitment to action. You cannot expect someone to change, unless they're committed to change, which means taking action.


How is the energy between what your clients have chosen to do and how they feel about doing them?

If it's not congruent, they're going to have a hard time changing.

A big reason why people end up not doing what they've committed to do, is because they don't really feel all that good about doing something else...perhaps they feel a lot better doing what they've always done.

This creates blocked energy...and energy influences many levels.

...more than we can consciously perceive.


What did your clients get out of the process?

This step is a recap of what's been worked on during the session.

This could be the most important step of all. If clients don't anchor their thoughts and ideas, they'll likely forget them as soon as they step out the door.

So make sure you're asking your client what they learned. Ask them to write it down, not just to say it; they'll get a lot more out of the session. In fact, you could even consider setting up small tasks that your client is to achieve in between sessions.

Make your client commit to something. Get it in writing. Your client will want to be consistent with what they're committing to, so it'll will help them further.

By integrating this model into what you're using, you add a deeper dimension to your strategy of achieving change.

Find the commonalities between your model and this one, extract what is useful and add it to your coaching repertoire.

You'll be a better coach by doing so.

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