What Does Taking It To The Next Level In Life Coaching Mean To You?

by Jean-Paul Cortes
(San Jose, Costa Rica)

How Do You Deal With Change?

How Do You Deal With Change?

Become a student of change. It is the only thing that will remain constant.”

~Anthony J. D'Angelo

Life Coaching is an extremely powerful tool. But don't forget it's only a tool, it has no inherent power of change. Nothing does outside of yourself.

Being aware, means being engulfed by the present moment with all of your soul. Which is where you are at every moment in time. As a evolving process, life is in constant flow and changing form.

So, the question becomes: How do you work through life coaching with change? Here are a few ideas...

Don't pursue the past

Don't be overwhelmed by the past; contemplate it with your being planted firmly in the present moment. Learn from past events, don't feel discouraged. Learn that you can create a new understanding of yourself. Be certain that the past is also in the present so therefore you can change the past by transforming the present.

Realize that change is all around us

When we listen to flowing water from a river we get a sense of a rhythm being created. Listen closely, not a drop of water passes over the same rock twice the sound is always changing. What we perceive as sameness only happens in our ears, eyes and mind. Each moment has a different form than that of any other moment.

Be alone

Some days you may feel empty, cheerless, not your true self. Take the time to come back to yourself, observe deeply what is going on inside and around you. Restore the deepness of your spiritual life; stop trying to look for answers outside of yourself and get in touch with yourself by "being alone."

Just let go

What are you holding on to? Attachment to perceptions is a fruitless endeavor; let yourself be aware of the present moment and experience life. You are complete, in who you are.

Learn the art of transformation

Instead of throwing out what you don't like of yourself, transform it. Gain understanding of who you are with kindness and compassion.
Don't sacrifice the journey

When we're going somewhere, we tend to think of arriving, and forget to enjoy the journey for the sake of getting to where we're going. Life is happening right now, not in some future destination; life is in the present moment. Be mindful of the present it's the only place we should be.

Be grateful

Gratitude grows and enriches us. Happiness is not something that is found outside, focus your attention on gratefulness and life will answer back.

The journey in life coaching and beyond is within yourself; enjoy the ride and maintain awareness it's well worth it!

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