Are You Kidding? Getting 700K+ Views And Fans For Life

by Jean-Paul Cortes
(San Jose, Costa Rica)

How do you get 700,000 video views and fans for life?

Well, you do what Pat Flynn did for his business.
If you don't know who Pat Flynn is, you're going to love this tip he sent to his subscribers.

I asked Pat if I could publish this email and he kindly agreed.

The reason why you're going to love Pat is because of the quality, transparency and amount of what he gives away every single day.

But before you check out his website (I've included in on his article), let me summarize what this outstanding tip boils down to.

Pat gets an incredible amount of questions every day. Because of this he's able to notice patterns in the questions he gets asked.

He also realized that many of his answers might never be seen by only but a handful of his audience.

His crafty solution? Create a YouTube video that answers one specific question. Which one? You got it, the one that he gets asked the most.

But of course, Pat's always two steps ahead of the curve so what he then does is send that video to those who have asked questions detailing that he created the video to answer their question.


Pat effectively adds the personal touch to his videos. He gets clients for life because he's willing to answer questions specific to what his readers are asking.

This is solid gold because not only is his relationship strengthened but also because he generates a massive amount of trust.

OK, what do you say you get down to reading his article, it's just below.

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700,000+ Video Views & Fans for Life

by Pat Flynn
(San Diego, California)

Pat Flynn and Cute Dog

Pat Flynn and Cute Dog

EDITOR'S NOTE: If you haven't visited Pat Flynn's website, you're in for an incredible learning experience. Make sure you join his mailing list, he gives out tons of lessons, tips, and experiences to help you in your online business. His website is

Just a quick tip for you, one that I've used to get over 700,000 video views, just as many page views, and a ton of new eyes on my brand, and a few fans for life.

You see, people ask me questions all of the time - mostly via email - but sometimes on my Facebook Page, Twitter or in the comment section of my blog.

Some questions are asked more than once by different people - and these are the ones to pay attention to.

The problem is, when you answer these questions - via email, or even on a public setting like Facebook, Twitter or the comment section of your blog, only a limited number of people will ever see the answer. When new people ask the same questions or are looking for the answer, it's there, but it's hidden deep in your content, or private in an email.

Here's the tip:

For the most common questions you get, create a YouTube video that answers that specific question. Optimize the video for relevant keywords, etc. and then embed this video in a blog post that addresses and expands on this popular question as well.

Then, send that post or video directly to those who are looking for an answer, and mention that you created this to answer THEIR question.

Boom - you've got a fan for life.

I do this all of the time (it's how I get a lot of ideas for most of my pillar content), but one particular example was when a few people asked me about how to create a Facebook Landing Page.

Instead of answering each of them individually or sending them to another person's video or tutorial to answer their question, I created the videos and blog posts myself and addressed EVERYBODY when I hit the publish button.

People who didn't even know they had a question got an answer to something they learned they needed.

Today, those Facebook Landing Page videos (I created a few) have totaled over 700,000 views on YouTube (and counting), and just as many page views on the related blog posts.

When people have questions - answer them - but don't just dilly dally with your answer and miss out on the chance to share with everyone else who might have the same question - go all out and blow everyone out of the water, and everyone who initially asked you those questions are likely to become fans for life.

Cheers, and all the best to you!

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Sep 26, 2013
I have more questions now
by: Anonymous

The Artcle it's interesting, but Does this then mean that every email that you respond to it's a massive autoreply with an automathic pre/made answer?? Meaning if I have a vague question it pops into my mind then I have a vague email like if I am a part of a mass striving to get listen, thinking you might be the only one it does??? mmm not quite satisfactory on my behalf,or maybe I don't understand how this stuff works,
PS, I didn't want to sound punchy


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